TOPS UFIRE02 Uberfire

TOPS UFIRE02 Uberfire

TOPS UFIRE02 Uberfire. Originally designed to assist downed pilots in creating a potentially life-saving fire in inhospitable environments. It is completely hydrophobic, which means it will not absorb water. The combustive materials in Überfire are specially formulated to assist in starting fires with whatever tinder is available, even wet tinder, and the more you fan Überfire, the hotter it gets. The 2 oz. can will burn for approximately 20-30 minutes, depending on the conditions. There is a cotton pad saturated with petroleum jelly included in the tin as well. Überfire is designed to start from one spark. It will not evaporate even after partial use and can be lit multiple times. Instructions included. Bulk packed.

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TOPS UFIRE02 Uberfire


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