Brass Knuckles, Gold, Large

Brass Knuckles, Gold, Large

Product Features

  • Belt Buckle - Weighs 180 grams
  • Heavy Duty
  • Solid steel
  • Made for Large Hands
  • 4.5 inch length, 2.5 inch height, 1 inch diameter finger hole, 1/2 inch thick!
Brass Knuckles in the traditional style, shiny gold finish, large heavy duty knuckles, 1 inch size holes, fits large hands. Protect yourself. Reinforce the power of your punches with solid stainless steel, gain the advantage in a fight. We specialize in brass knuckles, the real deal. Small enough to fit in your pocket, strong enough to crush your opponent. Great for self defense and martial art training.

5 Star Rating5 Star Rating

Brass Knuckles, Gold, Large


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5 Star Rating5 Star Rating

Get one for each hand!

Brass Knuckles, Gold, Large, PAIR


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Large Gold Brass Knuckles
Gold Brass Knuckles, Pocket


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