American Made Pay Up Brass Knuckles

American Made Pay Up Brass Knuckles

American Made Pay Up Real Brass Knuckles. Made of 100% pure brass, with two skulls and a spade cut in the palm area. These are NOT cheap, casted, forged, aluminum, steel or plastic knuckles that you normally see from China that can be bought for $10. These are made from real brass, and the material alone costs double that amount. These are very high end, valuable and collectable.

These brass knuckles exemplify American Ingenuity with USA world class quality, manufactured from half inch thick solid brass plates, cut on state of the art C.N.C. machines and hand polish every single one down to the last detail. Size: 4.5" x 2.6", almost half and inch thick, weighs almost 10 oz, fits up to ring size 14.

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American Made Pay Up Brass Knuckles


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Pay Up Real Brass Knuckles
Pay Up Knuckles
American Made Real Brass Knuckles


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