Weapons Universe Power Pack

Weapons Universe Power Pack

The power pack combo brings together the efficient and discrete Myers Stick™ joins the raw steel power of the Crown Knuckles. Stay prepared for anything with this power pack.
The Crown Knuckle. A supreme knuckle and not too flashy. The smooth finish is available in a variety of colors- including black. The knuckle points are flattened and the sizes of the finger holes fit most hands. This item is great for defense, for film or photo props, or as a paperweight. Get your hands on these knuckles (literally) before we sell out. With knuckles this nice, they are sure to be hot sellers!
The beauty of kubotans lies in their simplicity. Unlike other self defense tools, they're not obvious to an attacker leaving them unprepared. The Myers Stick™ is no exception to this, with one feature other kubotans do not have: its shape. The curved end of the tail with its sharp point makes strikes more crucial than regular flat bottomed straight kubotans. Additionally the serpentine spine gives it a unique ergonomic grip that won't slip. One direct strike to the solar plexus can leave an attacker struggling to breathe long enough to get away. Other vulnerable areas such as the ribs, knees, or any exposed bone are prime targets. With the sharp tail and ergonomic spine, the Myers Stick™ is the perfect defense tool.

Weapons Universe Power Pack


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