Viking Complete Set with Axe, Practice Sword and Helmet

Viking Complete Set with Axe, Practice Sword and Helmet

BR-HL-10 - Viking Wolf Saxon Carbon Steel Helmet - Product Features 11.5 inch length - 10.5 inch width 9.5 inch height - Life size helmet! Carbon steel Handmade in India Real brass Product Description Assemble your team and ride away on your steed with this helmet protecting you. This hand-forged, carbon steel wonder is a perfect collectible and a sure-fire seller. The helmet itself is tough, carbon steel with a medium, mirror shine finish. This helmet is one-size-fits-all and is perfect for cosplay, LARP or any historical enthusiast's collection. ICT-310-GD - Handmade Viking Carbon Steel Ax - Product Features 20 inches overall Blade height: 5.25 inches Solid Wood Handle Hand Made Carbon steel axe head Product Description Wield an ax only a true Viking would possesses. The handle is solid wood with a semi-glossy finish while the blade is made of high carbon steel. Just like the Vikings of legend crafted their goods, these axes are handmade as well. The feel of the past and rustic nature creeps throughout this ax. The tip of blade may even have rust, so keep this ancient relic well-oiled and ready for its next battle! The ax is beyond heavy duty. The blade is unsharpened too, so unless desired for other uses, this makes a great display piece. Unleash the Viking rage with this ax and watch your sales rise. WA-02 - 32 in in Dark Wood Medieval Practice Sword - Product Features 32 inch overall length 9 in Handle 12.7 oz Solid wood Great for cosplay Product Description This is a lightweight wooden sword. There is the detailed look that makes this sword appear so authentic and it also features a rectangular geometric guard. The entire sword is wooden and is perfect for taking into convention centers and doing cosplay. The wood is a dark cherry color and its easy to grip. This sword is perfect for practicing and its built to last long. DI-FS-04 - Medieval Leather Etching Journal Collectible - Product Features 5 inches long 3.75 inches wide Hand made White-colored paper Hundreds of pages Product Description This is a great keep sake journal for any and all medieval enthusiasts. This journal is leather and features parch paper just like the ones used for recording medieval history. This journal is great to practice calligraphy and test inks. Flowers and leaves dry out great in these pages and can make a great diary to keep your life in. Watch your customers flock to this amazing piece of medieval privacy. CM-AL-P-L - Chain Mail Coin Dice Pouch (Large) - Product Features Aluminum chain mail Faux leather string 5 inches in diameter Closeable pouch Great for game dice, coins or any other knick-knacks Product Description Bring your chain mail pouch on a camping trip or just when you're going out. If you're into role-playing games and want to complete your medieval feel and look, this will help. This pouch is perfect for small knick-knacks, coins and of course, game dice. P-1301-BK - Medieval Style Handcuffs W/ Key (Shackles) - Product Features Black medieval shackles/hand cuffs Olde English look and feel Authentic medieval look and feel Heavy duty hand cuffs weighing 1.2 pounds Prisoners will never escape your dungeon when they have these on their wrists - Key included Product Description This piece of history is a pair of medieval style handcuffs. They are all black with a glossy finish. They come with one key to escape you from eternal confinement. These shackles definitely are the real deal. If you don't feel like you're in the dungeon of a castle in old England you're using these wrong. Get your hands on (and in) these today before they're gone.

Viking Complete Set with Axe, Practice Sword and Helmet


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