Trump 2020 OTF Knife and Knuckle Set

Trump 2020 OTF Knife and Knuckle Set

This set comes with the super high quality Covert Ops OTF Automatic Knife with a lifetime warranty on the spring so you will never have to worry about it not working. All the main parts are made in America. The Keep America Great Trump 2020 Knuckles are heavy duty, solid, compact aluminum, guaranteed to pack a punch! Finally the Trump Gold 2 finger knuckles are the perfect concealable self defense kncuckles. One size fits all fingerholes are shaped like the back of a bullet complete with the appropriate caliber engraved into it. The perfect set for any seeking personal protection, any collector, and anyone who wants to support our president in the 2020 election. Get yours today!

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Trump 2020 OTF Knife and Knuckle Set


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