Tactical Tacticool Pack

Tactical Tacticool Pack

Automatic knife: A heavy Duty lightweight 2.1oz OTF automatic knife for everyday use. This Knife is 5.5 inches long with a 2.5 Inch stainless steel blade, and 3 inch brilliant handle. The slender handle is built on steel plates, and lightweight aluminum overlay.Spring assisted tactical knife: This item has "Come And Take It" and a AR-15 engraved on the blade. The handle features "Come And Take It" written in Greek letters.Flick out the ambidextrous thumb stud. The stainless steel blade is razor sharp and in the traditional drop point shape. The handle is also stainless steel and the entire knife has a stainless steel liner lock mechanism. The blade swings out with speed. The hilt also features abstract engravings and an textured grip for extra feel and flare. Tactical pen: These pens are you need to equip yourself with a covert, self-defense item. Get the tactical pen with the emblem of your choice to defend yourself and represent what you support. Get yours today. Sap gloves: These Real Leather sap gloves are top of the line and have steel shots on the knuckles, so your attacker will be down with one swift hit. When you have these bad boys on, there's nothing that can stand in your way. Get yours now. Knuckles: Tiger Tactical Plastic Fat Boy ABS buckles - Black - All ABS plastic fatboy belt buckle is made w/ durable hard plastic for everyday usage. It comes in a blistered package.

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Tactical Tacticool Pack


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