Pink Is Powerful Pack

Pink Is Powerful Pack

Automatic knife: A heavy Duty lightweight 2.1oz OTF automatic knife for everyday use. This Knife is 5.5 inches long with a 2.5 Inch stainless steel blade, and 3 inch brilliant handle. The slender handle is built on steel plates, and lightweight aluminum overlay. Knuckle: 3.85 inches long, 2.10 inches high, 7mm thick, 0.85 inch finger holes. These knuckles are grand for a knuckle sandwich on rye. These knucks are solid steel and are very sturdy. They are heavy duty and come packing a punch. The satisfying finish is great and sure to attract customers. Legcuffs: The kick proof, special made leg cuffs are one of Takedown's more unique pieces of necessary security. These leg irons with a pink finish to give an extra bit of flare (or embarrassment) to criminals. Have the ditched jaws lock around ankles and give additional security. This set of cuffs includes double safety locks and comes with two keys. Self defense sap heart: This brings new meaning to the term beating heart. The public safety Sap Heart from Takedown is a woman's best friend and an attackers worst nightmare. Slip the heart around your middle finger and tie the Velcro strap to your comfort. Imagine you're walking home late at night with nothing on you but your cell phone and your Sap Heart. Out jumps an attacker, thinking you're unarmed, little do they know you hold in the palm of your hand a source of pain that's unimaginable. The heart-shaped leather is filled with steel shots and sits in the middle of your palm. Just give a few quick slaps to your attackers face and head and watch them retreat, throbbing with discomfort. Large sap gloves: Who says pink isn't tough? When you have these comfortable bad boys on, there's nothing that can stand in your way. As innocent as they may look, these pink women's gloves do more than protect your hands from the elements, they protect you. Slip the gloves on (available in three sizes: M, L, and XL,) and take on the night with hundreds of steel shots on top of your hand and steel plates on the knuckles. If you ever come across an attacker with these things on, your attacker will be down with one swift hit.

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Pink Is Powerful Pack


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