Mean Green Pack

Mean Green Pack

Neck knife: Legitimate combat knife that is full tang and comes with a protective ABS plastic sheath. The handle is contoured for a comfortable grip. The blade is razor sharp and forged from 440 stainless steel. The sheath features a paracord lanyard string for neck knife capability. Pen knife: So you're sitting alone in a the class room, taking notes, waiting for the teach to walk in. It's an unusually dark day and there are less students then normal. Suddenly, the teacher bursts in with blood on their face and an appetite for brains! What do you do? You use that note pen you have and whip the top off of it. The Z-Slayer hidden Pen Knife comes with a 2 inch serrated blade. Now you're ready to face off with the undead and take them down. This item is not just a knife in disguise, but a fully functional pen that can write smooth and easy. Black ink included. Bat knife: These dual blade bat knives are exclusive to Panther and one hell of a deal or should we say a bat out of hell? This knife features two razor sharp blades that fold out from each end. The blades are two toned black and silver and come out to look like bat wings. The handle features a detailed bat design that is known to strike fear in competitors. There is belt clip on the handle and the hilt is also contoured to fit any grip. Get your hands on these amazing items now while they're still here. Automatic knife: A 2 inch, two-toned, 440 stainless steel blade that's razor sharp. Wow! This knife sports a premium steel handle with textured and lifted traction ridges for a supreme grip. The textured ridges are on the thumb lever. With a light pressure on the lever, the blade ejects quickly and with ease. The handle also includes a loop or circle for a keychain or lanyard attachment. This makes transporting the knife as painless as possible. The handle length is 3.125 inches while the overall length of the knife is 5.125 inches. The weight is 1 ounce, so this is a solid and lightweight beauty of a knife. The handle width is 9 millimeters wide while the blade width is 2 millimeters. Ice Pick: Guard Father Spike OTF Automatic Ice Pick Purple with a pocket clip 440 stainless steel. 3.5 inch spike 9.25 inches total. Brass knuckle: What a buckle! This buckle is ideal for smaller hands or women with small hands. These buckles come in a variety of colors and can feature great, vibrant finishes. They are solid steel and heavy duty so dont judge them by their size. While these are meant for display, paperweights and for belt buckles. They can be demonstrated with small fingers to show their size.

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Mean Green Pack


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