Dragon Fang Katana Sword Set

Dragon Fang Katana Sword Set

Katanas are one of the most known and recognized swords across the world. Glamorized in television, movies, anime, manga, video games, and much more, these elegant and stunning swords have captured our imaginations for generations. Own the elegance of a Katana with the power of a Dragon with this 41.5 inch overall length (in scabbard) - 40 inch overall length (without scabbard). The carbon steel blade is as razor sharp as a dragons fang . Hand engraved, solid steel oriental-themed guard. 28.5 inch blade length. Real wooden scabbard with fabric wrapping. Comes with decorative box featuring two locks and a carrying handle. Protective cloth and decorative box featuring silk lining for proper storage is included. Own one of histories most well known and beloved swords!

  • 41.75 inch overall length in scabbard
  • 40.5 inch overall length without scabbard
  • 28.5 inch blade length
  • Elegant dragon engravings
  • Decorative box
  • Tsuka-Ito cloth wrapped handle
  • Delicately hand crafted Tsuba guard

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Dragon Fang Katana Sword Set


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