Black and Silver Belt Protection Pack

Black and Silver Belt Protection Pack

RD-1015-SL - Pointed edges on the knuckle sections. Made of solid steel. Early 19th-century Irish knuckles. An overall length of 4.5 inches and a height of 3 inches. Solid and smooth finish. Huge holes with a diameter of an inch. Made by the kick ass knife king, Robbie Dalton. MTK-1-BK - The beauty of kubotans lies in their simplicity. Unlike other self defense tools, they're not obvious to an attacker leaving them unprepared. The Myers Stick™ is no exception to this, with one feature other kubotans do not have: its shape. The curved end of the tail with its sharp point makes strikes more crucial than regular flat bottomed straight kubotans. Additionally the serpentine spine gives it a unique ergonomic grip that won't slip. One direct strike to the solar plexus can leave an attacker struggling to breathe long enough to get away. Other vulnerable areas such as the ribs, knees, or any exposed bone are prime targets. With the sharp tail and ergonomic spine, the Myers Stick™ is the perfect defense tool. CLD177 - When danger barks, you should bite! This oil-resin crafted piece of ABS plastic itemry is the top-of-the-line in public safety keychains. The beautifully forged item is a perfect guard dog. Complete with detailed fur, teeth, whiskers and a long tongue. The super sharp enlonged ears shoot straight up as if listening for your next command. Stick you index and middle finger into your dog's wide eyes and hold him in your palm. Use this keychain as a jabbing tool when approached by an attacker. Also, carry your pet around for an innocent looking public safety tool that won't draw anything but positive attention. CLD198-1 - Just use this knife when your back's against the wall. The rain is coming down hard, you are cold, the area where you at is dark and wet. What do you need? Fire. Yes, fire- man's greatest invention. Just whip out this 7 inch knife out of your side sheath. The sheath included comes with a belt loop so you can transport your knife around on your waist and remove it and put it back with ease. The reason for the name, the fire starter, is the main centerpiece of this set. Just slice the knife onto the fire-starter until the paint is gone and watch the sparks fly- literally. TK-185-6-BS - This 6 piece set is special and sleek. All the knives are charcoal black. Buy these mini throwing knives to complete your collection and brag to your friends. This set also comes with a nylon carrying case that you can strap on your wrist. Take these knives anywhere you need at ease. The black knives will give your collection a sleek and stealth look.

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Black and Silver Belt Protection Pack


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