Black Belt Karambit Knife and Knuckle Combo

Black Belt Karambit Knife and Knuckle Combo

This Covert Ops® USA OTF Karambit is a fully automatic double action OTF (out the front) Karambit Automatic knife that comes standard with zinc alloy handles that are Rubberized . The construction of this knife makes for a precision fit and finish not only on the exterior of the knife but also on the inside main operating components. This zinc alloy handle is strong, lightweight and luxurious in appearance and further rubberized process make it feel very nice in the hand. The OTF Karambit is ergonomically designed to be comfortable in both reverse and forward grip applications becoming an extension of the operator. These OTF Karambit knives purpose built chassis has curves in all the right places. The butt end of the knife is home to the infamous retention ring which allows for not only weapon retention under duress but also for advanced flailing & spinning techniques. When the Karambit is closed and the blade has not been deployed it can be used as a less-lethal or pain compliance tool. Metal ring and knuckle style weapons date back to ancient times and have been used all over the world for many hundreds of years, including being caried by bodyguards to Abraham Lincoln. These Knuckles are made of high quality durable solid black steel. The knuckles have an overall length of 4.5 inches a width of 2.75 inches and is over 0.5lbs of solid metal! It has a black smooth matte finish. Huge holes with a diameter of an inch allow for comfortable fit on either hand and easy on and off.

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Black Belt Karambit Knife and Knuckle Combo


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