Master Cutlery HK-26178 Fantasy Short Sword

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By virtue of design alone, some swords are simply awesome to behold. With a fantastic design that includes vivid colors and esoteric designs, the Ornate Dragon Sword is one-such sword. The stainless steel blade is broad, with a narrow, round-edged cross-cut taken out of the center of the blade and an etched design set just above the point. At the mid-point of the blade, the blade waves inward three times before finally meeting the guard; here, on the waved portion of the blade, two resin dragons rest on either side of the blade. The guard, also cast from resin, has vague allusions to a dragon's head: included are frills, horns, and the top-view of the snout. The arms of the guard are scaled, including the fabled claws of a dragon. The grip is approximately half black and half wire-wrapped, with the black portion encircled by a golden dragon's tail. The pommel is a resin-cast dragon's claw, clutching a blue crystal ball. As awe-inspiring as the sword is, however, the Ornate Dragon Sword is not a weapon made for combat; this showpiece is exactly that: for show, not for use.

- 25.5" overall.
- Dragon fantasy sword.
- Stainless steel blade.
- Resin dragons on blade and guard.
- Pommel with resin dragon claw and crystal ball.
- Includes wall display plaque.

Master Cutlery HK-26178 Fantasy Short Sword

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