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Shoge Hook with 13" Chain

One of the seemingly forgotten weapons used in martial arts. The Japanese Kyoketsu Shoge. The Shoge is thought to have been used primarily before the advent of the sickle and chain and almost exclusively by ninjas. The Shoge is a formidable weapon when put into a ninja's hands. A heavy metal ring attached to a long chain with a sharp blade at the end, that'll ruin your day. The Shoge could be used to ensnare enemies, assist in climbing walls, or use the knife end as a normal hand-to-hand weapon. Versatile as it is deadly.  8" straight and 3" curved Black steel, 14" overall length. 4" ring at the end of 13 foot chain.  Extremely hard item to find!


Shoge Hook with 13" Chain
Model #VL-0220105
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