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BOOK: Ninja Weapons: Chain and Shuriken

By Charles Gruzanski

This handy volume introduces the exciting and deadly secrets of two ninja arts - the chain and the shuriken (throwing star).

The Masaki school of chain fighting was developed in the feudal society of the early eighteenth century by a swordsman-sentry in Edo (Tokyo) Castle.  Feeling that the shedding of blood in such a hallowed place would be disgraceful, he devised the combat use of the weighted chain.  Even the name he gave to the art proves the trust he placed in its effectiveness - manrikigusari (chain with the power of ten thousand).

The equally devastating art of shuriken, the throwing of metal stars and spikes, evolved shortly after manrikigusari.  The easily concealed shuriken soon became known as an extremely effective weapon for both ninja and samurai warriors.  Softcover. 104 pp.


BOOK: Ninja Weapons: Chain and Shuriken
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