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Classical Weaponry of Japan

Serge Mol's earlier volume, Classical Fighting Arts of Japan: A Complete Guide to Koryu Jujutsu is already destined to become a classic. Classical Weaponry of Japan is a continuation of that first book. It is an in-depth study of more than a hundred exotic special weapons and associated weapon techniques used by various koryu jujutsu schools. Each weapon will be shown in photographs accompanied by detailed explanations about history and usage. The book treats 100 weapons in depth and refers to 300. Where possible, photos will be included of present-day Japanese grandmasters demonstrating the way the weapons were used. In addition to the weapons, the author introduces and explains the characteristics of about twenty special weapon arts that were developed around these weapons. The relation of these special weapon arts to other fighting systems is also discussed. Many of the weapons included in this work once belonged to secret sections within the secret curriculum of ancient jujutsu schools or weapons schools. Certain weapons that remained hidden for centuries have recently been uncovered; Mol includes photos of them and offers ideas about how they may have been used and even shows grandmasters demonstrating their use. Others that became well known around the world, such as the famous shuriken or kusarigama, are discussed in new ways here. However, the majority of the weapons treated in Classical Weaponry of Japan are not widely known, and so will be of great interest to practitioners of Martial Arts and weapon collectors or enthusiasts. The book is heavily illustrated, with rare photos of weapons, techniques, ancient text scrolls, illustrated scrolls, and woodblock prints. It will have a foreword by Tanaka Fumon and one by another grandmaster who is an expert in the field of secret weapons. Classical Weaponry of Japan will be the first book in any of the major Western languages to comprehensively treat the special or secret weapons that are still known today.


Classical Weaponry of Japan
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