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BOOK: Encyclopedia of Okinawan Weapons

Taira Shinken is considered by most to be the Gichin Fuankoshi of Okinawan Kobudo as it we he who preserved the forms that he learned from his teacher Yabiku Moden.

The book also features the master himself performing many of these traditional forms including bo, sai, tongfa and nunchaku. The book also has rare photos of some of Okinawa's top masters, including Higo Seiko, Matayoshi Shimpo and Akamine Etsuke. The text was translated by Eihachi Ota, himself a kobudo master and student of the late Nagamine Shoshin who was also a student of Taira Shinken's.

This book is a collection of analogues, weapons and line drawings presented in an easy to learn format.

By Taira Shinken. 180 pages.


BOOK: Encyclopedia of Okinawan Weapons
Model #905501
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