GI Joe Storm Shadow Katana

The Storm Shadow katana features a hand forged high carbon steel false-edged blade with double fuller grooves, etched emblem, and a leather and rayskin wrapped grip. This sword is precisely replicated from the actual movie prop and includes a wood scabbard with authentic details, a decorative display stand, and a certificate of authenticity. Each sword is individually serial numbered for collectibility.  This ninja sword is full tang - this means that the blade goes all the way through the handle, which makes the sword more sturdy and durable.  The blade is 24-1/4" long, and 36-5/8" overall.

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GI Joe Storm Shadow Katana
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Ninja... code name Storm Shadow... primary military specialty - Sabotage.  Second specialty - Intelligence.  Birthplace... Classified.

Storm Shadow can scale sheer walls with bare hands and feet, move with blinding speed, and endure unspeakable hardship and pain.

Storm Shadow served with Snake Eyes in Southeast Asia and both of them later studied the secret art of Ninjitsu with the family of Storm Shadow, a ninja clan that could trace its history back through thirty generations of ninjas. Unhinged by the murder of his uncle and mentor (The Hard Master), he infiltrated Cobra seeking revenge. It was revealed in the Marvel Comics series that his uncle was murdered by another student of the Storm Shadow family; Zartan. After some time serving with Cobra, he found vengeance to be a poor substitute for life. Now, in semi-retirement at a remote mountain hideaway, he occasionally takes on a special mission or two if Snake Eyes asks him nicely, and has assisted Snake-Eyes in training the GI Joe Ninja Force, which includes the two of them, Scarlett, Jinx, Quick Kick and one or two others.

Qualified expert: Long bow (Dai-kyu); Ninja sword (Ninja-to); Throwing stars (Shuriken); Nunchaku; & Tonfa sticks; 8th degree black belt in five martial arts.

A ninja is a silent wraith with a razor-edged blade in one hand and a scaling-grapple in the other. Ninjas can penetrate the most sophisticated defense and leave without a trace. They are mystic swordsmen, spies, acrobats, quick-change artists and conjurors. Most people will tell you that ninjas don't exist. That's exactly what the ninjas want you to believe."

The great Ninja clans disappeared a hundred years ago. If they were wiped out, nobody took the credit for it and if they're still around who are they working for?







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