SX-24 Front Draw 360 Swivel Holder w/Special Grommet

SX-24 Front Draw 360 Swivel Holder w/Special Grommet MD3011

SX-24 Straight Baton Holder with Special Grommet.

A durable holder designed to securely house expandable SX (in both closed and/or expanded positions) or rigid 1.25 inches (3.18 cm) straight batons. The holder allows for 360-degree rotation.
Recommended for Baton(s): MD2502, MD2503, MD2504 or any 1.25 inches (3.18 cm) diameter straight baton

Front Drawreg
Made from durable polycarbonate, all Front Drawreg holders feature a molded tension spring for baton security. The design is comfortable to wear and offers a quick draw from any position. The holder rotates in 360 degrees and locks in one of 8 locking positions
For a Front Draw Holder that only goes 45 degrees forward and backward add/L after the item number.
This 45 degree option is appropriate for an officer is using the 26" (66.04 cm) baton with the Hindi Baton Cap? installed on it
Also an option for anyone concerned about their baton rotating too far in the holder
The baton may be re-holstered in the locked position either open or closed, as necessary, saving time to control the suspect
Offered in clip-on or slide-on style
Fits belt 2.25 (5.715 cm)belt widths
The holder may be removed from the belt t without stripping the whole belt

Country of Origin: USA

SX-24 Front Draw 360 Swivel Holder w/Special Grommet
Model #MD3011
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