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Marto Roman Gladius  In Stock!
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Dating back nearly 2,100 years this extraordinary blade represented the height of weaponry during Rome's barbaric fascination with gladiatorial combat. According to Methos, its short broader based blade made it lighter and easier to maneuver which was key strategy when the fighting wore on. "The longer the battle, the worse it was," he said. "I watched men so crippled with fatigue that they could barely lift their swords from the ground. When that happened it was, of course, their death knell." Methos salvaged the blade from the beheaded body of a fallen gladiator who had been left to the whims of the vultures. "Removing any article from a deal gladiator was vehemently forbidden and punishable by cruxifixcion," he said. "But his fate held such powerful symbolism for an Immortal.

This style of sword is known as a gladius hispaniensis and dates from at least the early part of the first century BC. It was essentially a thrusting sword capable of rupturing mail. This sword is an accurate reproduction of a first century AD Roman sword. This decorative Roman Sword (517) has a stainless steel blade with a bronze hilt. It is crafted by Marto in Toledo Spain. OVERALL: 28"

Toledo is famous for its historical character, its art and its steel. Marto inherits the testimony of the sword manufacturing traditions of Toledo Spain among the list of the most famous swordcutlers of its time. Their craftsmen have mastered the original art of the sword and create with modern materials the high quality pieces the market clearly identifies as; MARTO PRODUCTS.


Marto Roman Gladius  In Stock!
Model #M-517
Retail Price: $457.00
Sale Price: $388 - You Save $69 (15% OFF)







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