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Camp Axe II

Among Gerber’s single hand axes, the Camp II has the longest handle. This additional length offers more force with each swing. Built to the same tough specifications as the Sport II and Back Pack II, it has a forged stainless steel head, glass-filled nylon handle and molded plastic sheath. This is the axe for setting up camp, splitting kindling, and pounding in tent stakes.

Forged steel head
Excellent edge retention
Glass-filled Nylon handle

Overall Length: 17.32"
Blade Length: 2.93"
Weight: 34.6oz
Head: Forged Steel
Sheath: Formed Plastic
Handle: Glass-filled.


Camp Axe II
Model #31-000914
Retail Price: $52.00
Sale Price: $40.13
You Save $11.87 (23%)





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