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Hellfighter X-8 6V - Shock Isolated Tactical Light

The HellFighter X-8 Tactical Entry light is one of the most advanced weapon mountable entry lights on the market today. Its shock isolated bulb can endure the pounding of large caliber automatic weapons fire. With an astonishing output of 150 lumens and 135 lumens, they are the brightest 6 volt weapon lights in the world. Constructed of the world's toughest materials and tested in the battle of Baghdad and south-central Los Angeles, the HellFighters have the proven reliability required for lethal environments. The Interrogator impact bezel is made from 6160 through hardened aluminum.

Shock isolated tactical light
Available in 135 Lumens (LED) or 150 Lumens (Xenon)
Material: MIL STD 6061 511 T6 Aircraft Aluminum alloy, body functions as heat sink
Sturdy aircraft grade aluminum body
Perfect for the AR platform
Great handheld light
Powered by (2) cr123 lithium batteries (included)
Lamp: Xenon/Halogen/Argon high intensity vapor-sealed, incandescent high temperature filament bulb
Lamp mounting: Permanent soldered, spring isolated shock resistant on weapon axis to 1250G
Lens: Optical grade borosilicate glass, Iridium coated for 5500k daylight equivalent beam
Reflector: Parabolic shaped silver halide coated over etch-stippled finish to eliminate filament ring shadows
Remote Switch (optional accessory): Pressure pad, waterproof 6 and 12 inch cable, replaces tail cap
Lifetime warranty - excludes bulbs and batteries
Made in USA

Runtime: To 1 hour (dependent on battery performance), 3 hours with LED or rechargeable
Length body: 5.75"
Width Head: 1.5"
Width Body: 1" Diameter
Wattage: 6.5 Watts
Voltage: 6 Volts Nominal, 7.2 volts in rechargeable mode
Dimensions: 1.5" H x 1" W x 5.9" D.


Hellfighter X-8 6V - Shock Isolated Tactical Light
Model #DOH247
Retail Price: $64.95
Sale Price: $49.28
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