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ITS HPFU Pants, Black, 36x34

ITS HPFU Pants, Black, 36x34, BH-87HP07BK3634

Blackhawk HPFU Performance Black Pants with I.T.S. is a revolutionary approach to the combat uniform featuring a lean, athletic cut with articulated elbows for increased imageperformance, mobility and reduced bulk. The I.T.S. (Internal Tourniquet System) equipped HPFU (High Performance Fighting Uniform) has 4 life-saving tourniquets integrated into the arms and legs. Men's pants from Blackhawk is constructed with no-melt, no-drip NYCO and FR materials. Blackhawk pants from HPFU Performance Series have articulated knees, cinch straps on back of knees can be used to stabilize slip-in pads. Padded adjustable waistband provides increased comfort and mobility when wearing fully-loaded tactical belts.


ITS HPFU Pants, Black, 36x34
Model #BH-87HP07BK3634
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